One Stitch at a Time…..

Good Morning!!! Hi everyone, this was my first view this morning so I thought I would share it with you. How is everyone??? We are all good at the McGree home. I’m not sure if you noticed that I haven’t had pictures of Mocha lately so I guess I should let you know that sheContinue reading “One Stitch at a Time…..”

Our Sewing Stay-cation Day Two

Good Morning!!! Okay everyone, let’s grab a couple of cookies and a cup of coffee and talk about today’s plans……. Signs of Spring After thinking about all we saw and the materials we purchased yesterday I decided to make the theme of this Sewing Stay-cation “Signs of Spring”. I know, it’s totally appropriate isn’t it?Continue reading “Our Sewing Stay-cation Day Two”

Taking On the Flannels and Sewing Lemonade

Time to Tame the Flannels Good Morning!!! After the Inspirational Flannel Dress Remake I realized The Flannels were getting out of hand. I have been collecting them this winter and they’ve been hanging out together in the Idea Closet, pitching pennies, forming their own little gang (WSF: Winston Serengeti Flannels), and picking on some ofContinue reading “Taking On the Flannels and Sewing Lemonade”

Sewing Sister’s Part Two: Conquering Sewing Intimidation Syndrome (SIS)

Good Morning!! The last time we talked I promised to share more of SS (Sewing Sister) and I tackling the dreaded SIS (Sewing Intimidation Syndrome). As you may remember, the first day was pretty free and easy. We started with a Nancy Zieman pattern (McCalls 7331) and did a lot of Imagineering, Eyeballing, and ColoringContinue reading “Sewing Sister’s Part Two: Conquering Sewing Intimidation Syndrome (SIS)”

A Marcy Jacket Interlude…..

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Sewing News for a Special Announcement……….. THE MARCY JACKET IS FINISHED!!!!!!!! That’s right ladies and gentlemen. The Marcy Jacket (V9287) is complete!!! This is where plugging away at a project (how many weeks has it been?) will take you. To a happy ending. I don’t know about you, but IContinue reading “A Marcy Jacket Interlude…..”

The Dogs Go To Days Creek and Flannel Remake Update

Good Morning!!! The Blog Dogs were antsy this morning so I took them to my old stomping grounds in Days Creek. When I lived in Days Creek we were close to Bland Mountain Road. It was a great place to take dogs. It is steeper, longer and smoother than the road in Olalla and IContinue reading “The Dogs Go To Days Creek and Flannel Remake Update”

Sewing in Your Skivvies and Going Off-Road.

Good Morning! Does this happen only to me? You are working away on a project. You stitch, try it on, check in the mirror and decide to make a change. You stitch some more, make a few more changes, notice a cool breeze, look down and realize you are sitting in your underwear, working atContinue reading “Sewing in Your Skivvies and Going Off-Road.”

Tah-Dah!!! We Did It.

Our first sewingjourney is finished!!! Whooooo hoooo, whoooo hoooo. Remember when I said this trip could either be a disaster or the best thing ever? I think it was a little of both. Just at different times. I journeyed; I sewed; I survived. I also learned a lot. And, met a ton of amazing peopleContinue reading “Tah-Dah!!! We Did It.”