Start A Packing List and an Inspirational Flannel Dress.

I can’t say “Good Morning”……….. because it is almost bedtime…..and that would be confusing. I am scurrying to get this post out so you can start planning your packing list. That’s right!!!!! It’s time to for another Sewingjourney!!! I made reservations and we leave in a week. It will be a lot more fun ifContinue reading “Start A Packing List and an Inspirational Flannel Dress.”

It’s a McGree Miracle!!!

This post has nothing to do with sewing. I just knew you would be thrilled to hear good news about the Blog Dogs and Mitzie. Last night, they all sat together in the same room and didn’t kill each other. It’s a miracle!!! I think I told you that Mitzie pretty much hates the bigContinue reading “It’s a McGree Miracle!!!”