Out of the Skillet and Into the Frying Pan.

Good Morning! I read that one of the unexpected outcomes of staying home during the COVID 19 outbreak is an increased interest in bird watching. According to the New York Times, “With coronavirus restrictions dragging on, interest in bird-watching has soared as bored Americans notice a fascinating world just outside their windows. Downloads of popularContinue reading “Out of the Skillet and Into the Frying Pan.”

How the GG became a NESP** (translation below)

Good Morning!! What Is an NESP??? One of the residual effects of being an educator is my abiding love of acronyms. I just cant help myself. Any time I can make up a word by using letters from other words I am in heaven. So let me translate the title….. Remember the red satiny metallicContinue reading “How the GG became a NESP** (translation below)”

The Missing McGree Returns! And I sewed…..

Good Morning! This is Moses. He is Mitzie-the-Sewing-Kitty’s litter mate. I got Mitzie and Moses around 2014-15 while I was filling in as principal for Tri City Elementary. One of the third grade teachers, Natalie, brought a basket of kittens as “writing prompts” for her class. Natalie was a genius! First, she got 8 andContinue reading “The Missing McGree Returns! And I sewed…..”

Inspirational Sewing— Fear Not

Good Morning! I had the feeling you were missing me so I thought I would write a quick post. How is everyone? I am sending you love and encouragement over the miles. My Sewing Sister said something profound today; “God either is, or He isn’t”. I love that. If I believe that God is whoContinue reading “Inspirational Sewing— Fear Not”

The Dogs Go To Days Creek and Flannel Remake Update

Good Morning!!! The Blog Dogs were antsy this morning so I took them to my old stomping grounds in Days Creek. When I lived in Days Creek we were close to Bland Mountain Road. It was a great place to take dogs. It is steeper, longer and smoother than the road in Olalla and IContinue reading “The Dogs Go To Days Creek and Flannel Remake Update”

Marcy Jacket Update; a Tearful Confession; and Half of an Upcycle.

V9287 Marcy Jacket Update Good Morning! We have sleeves!!! I feel like the Marcy Jacket is jumping up and down like Pinocchio exclaiming “I AM a real boy!!” Only replace “boy” for “jacket” and you get the gist of what she is saying. She has waited so-o-o-o-o-o long for sleeves. If you remember, the mostContinue reading “Marcy Jacket Update; a Tearful Confession; and Half of an Upcycle.”

Sewing in Your Skivvies and Going Off-Road.

Good Morning! Does this happen only to me? You are working away on a project. You stitch, try it on, check in the mirror and decide to make a change. You stitch some more, make a few more changes, notice a cool breeze, look down and realize you are sitting in your underwear, working atContinue reading “Sewing in Your Skivvies and Going Off-Road.”

With All This Poo There Has to Be a Pony……

Good Morning. There is a story credited to the late President Reagan that goes like this…… A family had two sons. One son was a dyed-in-the-wool pessimist, the other an incurable optimist. The boys’ parents feared that each had an unrealistic outlook on life so they consulted a Specialist. The Specialist came up with aContinue reading “With All This Poo There Has to Be a Pony……”

A Valentine’s Day Upcycle and Time to Meet the Parents.

Good Morning and Happy Valentine’s Day! I made a cute and easy upcycle for you yesterday to celebrate this Day of Luh-Uh-Uh-Uh-Ve. It took about 30 minutes and only required some spare red fabric and a cast-off little girls party dress. Let me show you…… I’ve had this stripped tunic for a while. It’s comfortable,Continue reading “A Valentine’s Day Upcycle and Time to Meet the Parents.”